Don Airey Discografia

ozy Powell’s Hammer

Colosseum II

Starrs/Moore/Murray/Airey/Hiseman lineup:

Strange new flesh (Apr 76, Bronze)

Moore/Mole/Airey/Hiseman lineup:

Electric savage (Jun 77, MCA)

War dance (Nov 77, MCA)

Gary Moore & Friends


Bonnet/Blackmore/Airey/Glover/Powell lineup:

Down to Earth (Jul 79, Polydor)

Monsters of rock (1980, Polydor) (collective live album with 2 tracks by Rainbow)

Turner/Blackmore/Airey/Glover/Rondinelli lineup:

Difficult to cure (1981, Polydor)

several lineups:

Final vinyl (1986, Polydor) (2LP, 1CD)

Cozy Powell and Friends

Gary Moore And Friends (again)

Live (at the Marquee) ()

Bernie Marsden (band)

The Friday Rock Show Sessions () CHECK ALSO FOR NEIL!

Ozzy Osbourne

Osbourne/Rhoads/Sarzo/Airey/Aldridge lineup (that’s just my guess!!):

Tribute (1987, Epic) (2LP, 1CD) (CD reissue: 1995, Epic) (live)

Gary Moore Band

Rockin’ every night – live in Japan (1986, Ten)

Ozzy Osbourne (again)

Osbourne/Lee/Daisley/Airey/Aldridge lineup:

Bark at the moon (1983, Epic)

several lineups:

The ozzman comet (2CD) (compilation)

unnamed band (almost Asia)


Crossbones ()

Jethro Tull

several lineups:

20 years of Jethro Tull (1988, Chrysalis) (3CD boxset)

20 years of Jethro Tull (highlights) (1989, Chrysalis)


Ray Minhinnett’s Band

Gary Moore and The Midnight Blues Band

Chris Thompson Band

Green & Blues All Stars



Colin Blunstone

The light inside (Jul 98, Mystic)

Uli Jon Roth Band

The Snakes

Once bitten (1998, Pony Canyon) (Japan only)

Live in Europe (1998)

Company of Snakes

Don Airey Band

Mario Fasciano

Solo albums:

K2 / Tales of Triumph and Tragedy (1988, MCA) (CD reissue: 1999)