Nick Simper Discografia

Buddy Britten & the RegentsBuddy Britten (gtr/vcl); Tony Lost (pno); Roger Pinner (drm); Nick Simper (bss).

Released two singles.

She’s About A Mover/Since You’ve Gone : UK 1965 Piccadilly 7N 35241

Right Now/Jailer Bring Me Water : UK 1965 Piccadilly 7N 35257

Simon Raven Cult

Kid Freedom [= Nick Simper] (bss); Richard Honour (kbr); Simon Raven [= Buddy Britten] (gtr/vcl); Roger Truth [= Roger Pinner] (drm).

Buddy Britten & the Regents transformed itself into Simon Raven Cult and released one single.

I Wonder If She Remembers Me/Sea Of Love : UK 1966 Piccadilly 7N 35301

Johnny Kidd & the New Pirates

Johnny Kidd (vcl); Roger Pinner (drm); Nick Simper (bss); Ray Soaper (kbr); Mick Stewart (gtr).

Send For That Girl/The Fool : UK Nov 1966 HMV POP 1559

The Best Of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates [lp] : UK Apr 1978 EMI NUTM 12

Rarities [lp] : US 1983 See For Miles Records CM120


Ashley Holt (vcl); Jed Peck (gtr); Mac Poole (drm); Nick Simper (bss); Frank Wilson (kbr).

Warhorse [lp] : UK Nov 1970 Vertigo

Vulture Blood (= Warhorse) [lp] : UK 1983 Thunderbolt THBL-004

Warhorse [lp/cd] : Germany 199- Repertoire LP-REP-2055-TT/CD-REP-4055-WP

Warhorse [cd; extra material] : UK 1997 RPM Records RPM-174

Red Sea [lp] : UK Vertigo 1972

Red Sea [lp/cd] : Germany 199- Repertoire LP-REP-2056-TT/CD-REP-4056-WP

Red Sea [cd; extra material] : UK 1997 RPM Records RPM-175

The Warhorse Story – Vols I & II [2cd] : UK? 1997 ?

Nick Simper’s Fandango

Neil McArthur (kbr); Peter Parks (gtr/vcl); Ron Penney (drm); Jim Proops (vcl); Nick Simper (bss/vcl).

Slipstreaming [lp] : Germany Apr 1979 Shark Records [???]

Slipstreaming [lp] : UK June 1979 Gull Records GULL-1033

The Deep Purple Family Album [cd; Deep Purple] : UK 1993 Connoisseur RP VSOP CD 187

Slipstreaming – Future Times [cd] : UK 1994 RPM Records RPM-125

Peter Parks (gtr/vcl); Mac Poole (drm); Jim Proops (vcl); Nick Simper (bss/vcl.

Future Times [lp] : Germany 1980 Shark Records INT-148.506

Just Another Day (In The Life Of A Fool)/Wish I’d Never Woke Up : UK 1982 Paro Records Paro-S4

Slipstreaming – Future Times [cd] : UK 1994 RPM Records RPM-125

Flying Fox

Alan Barrett (vcl); Marie Dunn (vcl); Ron Harwood (vcl); Carlo Little (drm); Pete Parks (gtr); Nick Simper (bss).

Music, Music, Music/… [Nicolodeon] : UK 1982

Quatermass II

Gary Davis (gtr); Bert Foley (vcl/gtr); Nick Simper (bss); Mick Underwood (drm/prc); plus Don Airey (kbr).

Long Road [cd] : UK 1997 Thunderbird CSA 108