Roger Glober Discografia



Graham Carter (gtr); Sheila Carter-Dimmock (kbr/vcl); Ian Gillan (vcl); Roger Glover (bss); Tony Lander (gtr); Andy Ross (vcl); Harvey Shields (drm).

Put Yourself In My Place/That’s All I Want : UK Jan 1966 Pye 7N 17018

I Hear Trumpets Blow/True Love Is Funny That Way : UK Apr 1966 Pye 7N 17110

Here There And Everywhere/Mighty Morris Ten : UK Aug 1966 Pye 7N 17147

Here There And Everywhere/Mighty Morris Ten/I Hear Trumpets Blow/True Love Is Funny That Way [ep] :

France 1966 Pye PNV 24175

Hang II – Mutant Surf Punks [compilation; Various Artists] : 1985 Cherry Red Records RED63

Put Yourself In My Place [lp] : UK 1987 PRT Records PYL-6026

Footsteps To Fame Vol. 1 [cd; Various Artists] : Germany 199- Repertoire CD-REP-4184-WY

Love Hate Revenge/Baby Baby Baby : UK Feb 1967 Pye 7N 17244

Morning Dew/Sunshine Girl : UK Jun 1967 Pye 7N 17330

Morning Dew/Sunshine Girl/Love Hate Revenge/Baby Baby Baby [ep] : Portugal 1967 Pye PAT 54004



The Complete Episode Six [cd] : UK 1991 Sequel NEX CD 156

The Complete Episode Six [cd] : US 1994 Collectables COL-0567



The Radio One Club Sessions [cd] : UK 1997 RPM Records



Tony Ashton (vcl); Les Binks (drm); Helen Chappelle (vcl); David Coverdale (vcl); Ronnie James Dio (vcl); Jack Emblow (acc); Ray Fenwick (gtr); Mo Foster (bss); Kay Garner (bvc); Mike Giles (drm); Roger Glover (msc); John Goodison (vcl); John Gustafson (vcl); Eddie Hardin (kbr/bvc); Jimmy Helms (vcl); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Eddie Jobson (vln); Chris Karan (tbl); Judi Kuhl (vcl); Neil Lancaster (vcl); John Lawton (vcl); Mike Moran (pno); Ann Odell (pno); Mickey Lee Soule (vcl); Barry St John (vcl); Liza Strike (vcl); Robin Thompson (bsn); Nigel Watson (saw); Joanne Williams (bvc); the Mountain Fjord Orchestra led by David Woodcock and conducted by Martin Ford, John Bell and Del Newman.

Comments from Highway Star : A session originally meant to be the soundtrack for a cartoon based on the drawings of Alan Aldridge. Glover was asked to write the score, and he did. Loads of sessioners were brought in to supply the musical mechanics. Tony Ashton, for instance, “had just come from a clinic where he had been ‘drying out’. He came in the studio straight from the clinic and I [i.e. Glover] said ‘I want you to pretend to be drunk’. He did a very convincing job of it!” (from the CD sleeve notes). Apparently there was also some kind of promo video for the track “Love Is All”.

The Butterfly Ball [lp] : UK Nov 1974 Purple TPSA 7514

The Butterfly Ball [lp] : Germany 1974 Purple Records 1c062-96026

The Butterfly Ball [lp] : US 1975 UK Records UKL-56000

The Butterfly Ball [white lp] : Germany 1983 Line Records LILP 4.00013.J

The Butterfly Ball [mc] : Germany 1983 Line Records LILP 7.00013.G

The Butterfly Ball [lp] : UK 1984 Safari Records LONG9

The Butterfly Ball [cd] : Germany 1989 Line Records LICD 9.00013.O

Butterfly Ball – Wizard’s Convention [cd] : UK 1989 Connoisseur VSOP CD 139

Butterfly Ball – Wizard’s Convention [cd] : Japan 199- Teichiku TECW-30211-2

The Best of Rare Collection [cd] : Japan 1995 Teichiku TECX-20921

The Butterfly Ball [cd; extra material] : Germany 1995 Repertoire REP 4567

Love Is All/Old Blind Mole/Magician Moth : UK Dec 1974 Purple PUR 125

Little Chalk Blue/… : UK 1974 Purple PUR 128

Love Is All/Old Blind Mole/Magician Moth [ep] : UK 1984 Safari Records SAF EP 1



Tony Ashton (vcl); Helen Chappelle (vcl); David Coverdale (vcl); Ian Gillan (vcl); Roger Glover (msc); John Goodison (vcl); John Gustafson (vcl); Jimmy Helms (vcl); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Earl Jordan (vcl); Judi Kuhl (vcl); Neil Lancaster (vcl); John Lawton (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Vincent Price (nrr); Mickey Lee Soule (vcl); Barry St John (vcl); Liza Strike (vcl); Twiggy (vcl); and some others.

Comments from Highway Star : A live performance of the Butterfly Ball at the Royal Albert Hall. Unfortunately, I’m quite ignorant as to who exactly performed on this. I’ve added some of the people from the earlier studio recording above; that is, minus Ronnie James Dio, whose part was taken over by Gillan and Twiggy (!). The entire thing was also videoed, but this was apparently somewhat of a less amusing experience; or as Roger Glover put it: “if something is going to bear your name, make damn sure you do all the work” (from the CD sleeve notes to the studio recording).

Butterfly Ball : UK 198- BBC



Tony Ashton (pno/vcl); Les Binks (drm); David Coverdale (vcl); John Crocker (sxp); Ray Fenwick (gtr); Mo Foster (bss); Roger Glover (bss); Eddie Hardin (vcl/msc); Jimmy Helms (vcl); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Ric Lee (drm); Rick van der Linden (pno/msc); Jon Lord (pno); Mark Nauseef (drm/prc); John Slaughter (gtr); Henry Spinetti (drm); Pete York (drm); the Chris Barber Band (msc).

A whole bunch of people appeared on a session initiated by Eddie Hardin.

Wizard’s Convention [lp] : UK Dec 1976 Purple

Wizard’s Convention [lp] : Germany 1976 RCA Records PPL1-8118

Wizard’s Convention [cd; extra material] : Germany 1994 Repertoire REP-4474-WY

Butterfly Ball – Wizard’s Convention [cd] : UK 1989 Connoisseur VSOP CD 139

Butterfly Ball – Wizard’s Convention [cd] : Japan 199- Teichiku TECW-30211-2

Wizard’s Convention III [cd] : Japan January 1997 TDK Records International TDCN-5615



Ronnie Aspery (sxp/flt); Martin Birch (gtr/bvc); Helen Chappelle (vcl); Roger Glover (bss/msc); Graham Preskett (vln/clr); Simon Phillips (drm); Mickey Lee Soule (kbr); Liza Strike (vcl); plus the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra led by Fritz Sonnletner and conducted by Graham Prescett.

Elements [lp] : UK Apr 1978 Polydor Super 2391 306

Elements [lp] : US 1978 Polydor PD16137

Elements – The Mask [cd] : UK Connoisseur VSOP CD 183



Craig Brooks (bvc); Chuck Burgi (drm); Mark Conese (drm); Charlie Dechant (sxp); Dave Gellis (gtr); Roger Glover (vcl/msc); Joe Jammer (gtr); Kate McGarricle (bvc); David Rosenthal (kbr); Jean Roussel (kbr).

Glover gathered some sessioners (incl. Chuck Burgi who also joined Rainbow; see above) and recorded a rock-pop solo album.

The Mask/You’re So Remote : UK Mar 1984 Polydor 678

The Mask [lp] : UK Jun 1984 Polydor POLD 5139

The Mask/Don’t Look Down : US 1984 21 Records T1 114

Gettin’ Stranger/Dancing Again : Holland 1984 21 Records 21.030

Elements – The Mask [cd] : UK 1993 Connoisseur VSOP CD 183



Randy Brecker (hrn); Rachel Collins (bvc); Chrissy Faith (bvc); Ian Gillan (vcl/msc); Roger Glover (msc); Michele Graham (bvc); Shirley Graham (bvc); Dr John (pno); Lloyd Landesman (kbr); Grace Lewis (bvc); Lydia Mann (bvc); Nick Maroch (gtr); Joe Mennonna (hrn/sxp); Andy Newmark (drm); Ira Siegel (gtr); Bette Sussman (bvc); Vaneese Thomas (bvc); George Young (sxp/hrn).

NOTE : The track “Lonely Avenue” appeared on the soundtrack to Rain Man (featuring D. Hoffman and T. Cruise).

Dislocated/Chet : UK Dec 1987 Ten Records TEN 193

Dislocated [ep] : UK Dec 1987 Ten Records TENT 193

Accidentally On Purpose [lp] : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 208 737

Accidentally On Purpose [cd; no extra material] : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 258 737

Accidentally On Purpose [cd; extra material] : UK 1988 Virgin CDV-2498

I Can’t Dance To That/Purple People Eater : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 109 706

Clouds And Rain/I Thought No : UK Feb 1988 Virgin 109 895

She Took My Breath Away/Cayman Island : UK Feb 1988 Virgin VS 1041

She Took My Breath Away [ep] : UK Feb 1988 Virgin VST 1041

Rain Man – Original Soundtrack [cd] : Europe Feb 1989 Capitol Records



Randall Bramblett (lead vocals, Hammond Organ, keyboards, saxophone); Joe Bonadio (drums, percussion); Eran Tabib (guitar); Mick Moroch (guitar); Larry Saltzman (guitar); Warren Haynes (slide guitar, steel guitar); Gerry Leonard (atmospheric guitar); Joe Mennonna (horns, horn arrangement); Gillian Glover (vocals); Mickey Lee Soule (piano); Vaneese Thomas (vocals); Deena Miller (vocals)

Multiple and various artists releases with Roger Glover material

Rupert Hine & David MacIver

Rupert Hine (vcl/gtr/hrm) & David MacIver (gtr), together with: Paul Buckmaster (cll); Terry Cox (drm); Eric Ford (gtr); Roger Glover (tmb); Steve Hammond (gtr/bnj); Clive Hicks (gtr); Simon Jeffes (gtr); Raoul Mayora (cng); Eddie Mordue (sxp); Joe Moretti (gtr); Pete Morgan (bss); Peter Robinson (pno); Barry de Sousa (drm); Roy Willox (flt).

Glover produced and played some tambourine.

Pick Up A Bone [lp] : UK 1973

Pick Up A Bone [lp] : Germany 1983 Line Records

Dave Cousins

Dave Cousins (vcl/pno/gtr), together with: Tom Allom (org); Miller Anderson (gtr); Roger Glover (bss); John Hiseman (drm); Dave Lambert (gtr); Rick Wakeman (pno); and Robert Kirby.

Session work. Glover provided some bass.

Two Weeks Last Summer [lp] : UK 1972 AandM Records SP9008


Pete Agnew (bss/bvc); Manuel Charlton (gtr/bvc); Dan McCafferty (vcl); Darrell Sweet (drm/bvc); plus Roger Glover (prc/prd); Jon Lord (pno).

Nazareth was one of the Glover-produced groups. He also laid down percussions on one track, viz. “Freewheeler” (on Loud ‘n’ Proud), while Lord guested on piano on a couple of tracks.

Razamanaz [lp] : UK 1973 Vertigo

Loud ‘n’ Proud [lp] : UK 1973 Vertigo 6303 103

Rampant [lp] : UK 1974 Vertigo/Mooncrest CREST 15


Marlon released a disco single on the Purple label with a track co-written by Glover and Fenwick.

Let’s Go To The Disco/Broken Man : UK 1974 Purple Records PUR 120

Let’s Go To The Disco/Broken Man : Germany 1974 Purple Records 1c006-95613

Hardin & York, with Charlie McCracken

Eddie Hardin (kbr/vcl); Christine Holmes (bvc); Richard “Charlie McCracken” (bss); Barry St John (bvc); Liza Strike (bvc); Pete York (drm).

Glover co-wrote two tracks and produced two tracks.

Back Row Movie Star/Wish I’d Never Joined A Band : UK/Germany Dec 1974 Vertigo 6147 008

Ain’t No Breeze [lp] : UK Dec 1974 Vertigo 6360 622

Hardin & York [lp; same as above] : UK Jan 1975 Vertigo 6360 622

Hardin & York [cd] : Germany 1994 Repertoire Records REP 4452-WP

Andy Mackay

Andy Mackay, with: Brian Chatton; Eno; Roger Glover; John Gustafson; Eddie Jobson; Countess Sadie MacKenzie; Phil Manzanera; John Porter; Jane Riff; Bruce Rowlands; Paul Thompson; Lloyd Watson.

Glover appears on a session for Andy Mackay.

In Search For Eddie Riff [lp] : Germany 1974/1975 Polydor 2344081

Dan McCafferty

Dan McCafferty (vcl), backed by: Helen Chappell (bvc); Zal Cleminson (gtr); Manny Charlton (gtr); Roger Glover (bss); Hugh McKenna (kbr); Ted McKenna (drm); Graham Preskett (vln); Chris Mercer (sxp); John Perry (bvc); Tony Rivers (bvc), Barry St. John (bvc); Lisa Strike (bvc); Joanne Williams (bvc).

Glover appears as bass player on McCafferty’s solo album.

Dan McCafferty [lp] : Europe 1975 Vertigo 6370-409

Watcha Gonna Do About It/Nightingale : UK 1975 Mountain Top 5

John Perry

John Perry (vcl); with some sessioners, including Roger Glover (snt).

Sunset Wading [lp] : UK 1976 Decca SKL 5233

Eddie Hardin

Eddie Hardin (vcl/pno); together with: Helen Chapelle (bvc); B.J. Cole (gtr/dbr); Ray Fenwick (gtr/bvc); Mo Foster (bss); Roger Glover (prc/bvc); Dee Murray (bss); Ian Paice (drm); Barry de Souza (drm); Henry Spinetti (drm); Liza Strike (bvc); Doris Troy (bvc).

Paicey and Glover doing a session for their ol’ mate Eddie Hardin. Glover also produced.

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks [lp] : Europe 1977

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks [lp] : Canada 1977 Attic LAT1023

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks [cd] : Germany 199- Repertoire REP-4324-WY

Joe Breen

Bob Benham (gtr); Joe Breen (vcl/gtr); Vicky Brown (bvc); Hugh Burns (gtr); Barry d’Souza (drm); Mo Foster (bss); Roger Glover (kbr); Ray Glynn (str); Rick Hitchcock (gtr); Tony Hymas (kbr); Jon Lord (kbr); Dave Macrae (gtr); Dave Markee (bss); John Perry (bss); Henri Spinetti (drm); Joanne Stoke (bvc); Liza Strike (bvc); strings conducted by Graham Preskett.

With Glover producing and guesting on most tracks. Lord also appears on a few tracks.

More Than Meets The Eye [lp] : UK 1978 Vertigo 6370 430

Pretty Maids

Ronnie Atkins (vcl); Allan Delong (bss); Ken Hammer (gtr); Ricke Marx (gtr); Phil More (drm); plus a few sessioners: Roger Glover (bss); Freedy George Jensen (hrp); Knud Lindhard (bvc); Alan Owen (kbr); Ian Paice (drm); Ivan Pedersen (bvc); the New Jersey Mass Choir led by Donny Harper.

Glover produced and played bass on “Dream On”, while Paicey provided drums for “Young Blood”.

Young Blood/Attention : UK 1990 CBS 655597 7

Jump The Gun [lp/cd] : Europe 1990 CBS 466365

Savage Heart/Over And Out : UK 1990 CBS 655884 7